Custom Ordering

At this time we will not be taking any further custom orders, sorry for any inconvience. We will still be excepting our custom wedding orders available in the store. Thanks

Dream Designs does except custom orders, and have done many in the past.  We ask that you read through this content, as our process has changed.

We can take a design or logo that you have and make it into a special handmade metal art sign for your home or business. 

We charge a $25.00 non-refundable fee before we proceed with your quote.   If you decide not to proceed the fee will be forfeited. Please email us, and we will send an invoice to pay the fee, once that is paid, we can proceed! 

Our process involves taking the design and in a sense redesigning it to make it fit our production needs, while keeping it the same design you requested. For instance, making lines connect or wording dropout to be able to ensure the design cuts out correctly. As in most work, its hard to envision what we have to do in order to make a design cut ready, so please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Things that we need in order to give you a quote:

1) A picture of the design or detailed description

2) Exact size of Product

3) Airbrushed or Patina (Color)

4) Type of wall mount

5) Text Font/Style (same as picture?)

6) An email, message or phone call listing all these things with your contact number and email address so we can send you an invoice for payment of the quote. Once invoice is paid we will proceed. 

7) Communication - with some designs or logos, we may have additional questions which need to be answered before we can continue with the quote. For example take our logo (pictured on left) we would need to know if you would want the Dream Designs separate from Metal Art with the line underneath or all as one connected piece.  Another example you be if you want the words to be solid or dropped out, etc.

Once you receive the quote, and decide to proceed orders must be paid in full before we start production. 

We are always willing to send you a cut ready picture of the design before production at your request.



*Custom Orders are produced in the order of payment received